Lubrication of a modern 2-stroke engine depends on design, load and fuel sulphur content, and the cost of lubricants is normally the third-highest running cost. For cylinder lubrication, a “minimum feed rate” is specified by engine designers, but when using commercial cylinder oils, cylinder lubrication is automatically increased in order to avoid unwanted corrosion of the engine. The system blends a High-BN cylinder oil with the in-use system oil, and the resulting fit-for-purpose cylinder oil makes it possible to save up to 40% of the cylinder oil Lube-Oil consumption and reduce system oil purifier losses with up to 80%. 


Above video interview introduces the Blending-on-Board concept and benefits for the ship owner, operator and crew. The video touch on following subjects:

  • Emission regulation and Blending-on-Board
  • Cold corrosion mitigation
  • Benefits leading to lubrication cost reduction due to reduction of cylinder oil reduction
  • The advantage of Blending-on-Board compared to other flexible 2-stroke engine lubrication solutions.



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