Advantages of using the SEA-Mate™ Elemental Analyzer include:

  • Elemental analysis for large transportation and land-based power generation.
  • Optimization of oils, additives usage, and predictive maintenance
  • Early detection of abnormal wear from metals such as Fe, V, Cu, Cr, Ni and Pb
  • Enables control of oil & additive usage to blend to precise alkalinity levels
  • Analyzes S in fuels when bunkering

As well as its function of almost instant bunker testing, trend analysis is a strong feature of the SEA-Mate X-Ray analysis system. Condition based maintenance is becoming increasingly popular because it has the capacity to reduce both the quantity of spare parts consumed and the number of man hours spent on unnecessary strip downs. Analysis of wear metals in engine lube samples is one of the best means of practicing Condition Based Monitoring because it provides better indications of the internal health of the engine without the uncertainty that extending TBOs based on predicted component life has.

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